Speaking Of GramMEHs

Yesterday, Fiona Apple released a video on her Tumblr of herself singing a Trumpified version of the Nat King Cole holiday standard The Christmas Song. Posting a self-filmed cover song on Tumblr? Give her a GramMeh!

I don’t care what age it says on Fiona Apple’s driver’s license; the spirit trapped insider her is clearly that of a 15 yo on crack! Fiona sings about entitlement and racism and Donald Trump “clawing at your clothes.”


Don’t hold my feet to the fire on this one, but I bet Fiona Apple filmed that in the airplane toilet of Blair Witch Airlines.

I wish I could understand dogs, because I want to know what that dog in the background who won’t stop barking is trying to say. My guess is they’re trying to tell her to stop creeping people out, or to turn the damn phone 90 degrees and stop filming in portrait mode.

Donald Trump hasn’t responded to Fiona’s Christmas song yet. But I’m sure it would be something like: “Fiona Rotten Apple that was just terrible.”

That orange bitch! 

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