Another Failure

cy_i3ndwgaefec0Montrealers flocked to the Quartier des Spectacles at lunch hour on Monday to get a close look at the city’s much-maligned Christmas tree, which has been ridiculed on social media over the past several days.

The 88 foot tree has been described as ugly, too bare, too old and not deserving of its prominent place at the intersection of an important street.

One joker has created a Twitter account for the tree and several people have posted negative comments about its appearance.

One person tweeted: “I am proof that Montreal is a tolerant city,” and used the hashtag #KissMeImUgly.

I think the main problem for people to dislike this tree is the fact that the city sold it as “The biggest tree of the country” and “bigger and more impressive than the one at Rockefeller Center…” and spent or tax money on it.

Yeah let’s laugh at the whole nonsense!

I seriously don’t understand why basics have always to compared or mimic American stuff.


Can all those humans get some personality and creativity? Not that it looks alike whatsoever, even though that was the whole idea.

This tree doesn’t look ugly, this tree looks DEAD which is worst.

It would have been much more beautiful left in the forest where it belongs!

Society stupidity pisses me off.

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