GramMEHs Nominations

beyonce-lemonade-memes-01-640x640The Grammy Award nominations came out. All your top mainstream selling music artists are up for most of the awards.

Beyawnce, Kanye Kardashian, Bieber, the usual suspects.

The pretend game that this award honours the highest quality of music today is repulsive.

The GramMeh’s is a joke that allows music snobs, among the most self-unaware assholes on the planet to regurgitate slams on mainstream commercial culture.

Bowie’s final album is million times more deserving of album of the year than Bieber’s Purpose, but of course, he wasn’t nominated. 

How do you explain that Bieber already got a Grammy while Queen has never won one? FUCK YOU GramMEHs! Freddie had more talent in a fingernail than all of these douchebags together.

Also, I’m looking forward to the day when the general public and artists alike stop kissing Beyonce’s ass as if she invented music or something.

It’s exhausting to see the same people year after year when there’s a lot of better artists making better music out there.

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