Teacher Had Sex With Student On A Park Bench

fergy-ba98cba7_webA 23 year old algebra teacher (she looks older tho) has been arrested for fucking her sixteen year old student. What a boss!

They’re both invited over for Christmas dinner. Alaina Ferguson started sexting the kid when he wrote his SnapChat handle on his test. He probably got an A in the class.

Certainly, he has one so far in the game of life.

Shortly after receiving several nudes of the teacher and hopefully showing all of his friends, the two met and had sex on a park bench. Wow, this chick’s a fucking freak. What a keeper!

They also drank a lot and had hot passionate lovemaking sessions in her fiance’s apartment when he was out of town. Yeah, she’s engaged. 

There’s no harm done to the kid, PLEASE!!!! Kids these days are no longer kids (especially men) but sex machines.

In fact, the confidence this event has bestowed upon him will reap unimaginable future rewards.

He’s sixteen. He’s seen a lot of porn and fucked at least one seven.

Fire her ass for being so dumb, vote him the Homecoming King, and let’s get on with our lives. 

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