A For Appropriate

Xavier texted me this morning, apparently he has an English assignment and wants me to take a look on it.

I obviously accepted because I like to be helpful.

Also I like the whole sexy teacher/ pervert student scenario, not that I didn’t do it before but this time it was not my idea. He’s definitely a top!  



He’s got already an A for appropriate.

But perversion aside, I really appreciate to feel useful beyond sex.

I used to help Jaden practice his French when we were together. Joseph during his Spanish courses, which was entertaining considering he made fun of my accent. I was David’s “muse” for an English assignment. And I also used to helped PatrickA to study for his French exams.  

Obviously once the lessons done, things got always sexier. 

In Xavier’s case, although the scenario looks the same, the story will be different ’cause I’m not longer the one in control.

In short, he’d better work for that A+! 

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