Cheap Goes Cheaper

1111111As much as don’t want to blog about the garbage of our society, the news are all over the internet and I couldn’t help but to read what’s the big fuss about the importance of such irrelevant shit.

So… That muppet looking “lady” called Blac Chyna that legally married the male Kardashian wants to become an official Whoredashian.

The other KarTrashian whores are objecting to this because it cheapens their brand. Really? Not the fake sex tapes or asphalt filled butt cheeks?

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe’s company names are, respectively, Kimsaprincess Inc., Khlomoney Inc. and 2Die4Kourt.

You know fucking every black guy in town doesn’t make you black right? Rappers might take offense to appropriation from chicks in Beverly Hills. 

How could you possibly cheapen this brand?

As absolutely grotesque as she is in appearance and character, Blac Chyna fits right in.

You can’t brand yourself a group of stank ass deplorables and then object when someone repeats your same behavior.

What would your mom think about this? That’s a trick question, she’d be pimping your younger sisters.

Good for Blac Chyna. It’s hard to bother the grossest people on earth. 

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