Fatso Told Fatty To Stop Being Fat

3b24c49500000578-4010078-image-a-29_1481127937698If Santa is telling you to lose weight you might have a problem, given that he himself is clinically obese.

A nine year old North Carolina kid named Anthony Mayse went to visit Santa at the mall and told him he wanted an iPod Touch. Santa went through the motions, and then according to Mayse: 

“When I got done, he said ‘lay off the hamburgers and french fries’, and that really just disrespected me and I felt awful. And I went out and I started crying because I just felt so bad.” 

Instead of nicely suggesting that Santa might have a point, Anthony’s mom responded by trying to get him fired from his gig at the mall. Nice deflection. It didn’t work, but Santa did apologise.

How can Santa be so wrong, and so right?

I know he was kind of a douche to tell that to the kid, instead of talking to his shitty mom (even if it wasn’t his business…) I mean he lacked the tact required to deliver such reality to parents in denial.

Long story short, a fat man told a fat kid to stop being fat in the fast food nation of oversized portions. Only in America!

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