More Random Facts About Me


  1. I have zero tolerance for unpunctuality.
  2. I spent my childhood between Lima and Buenos Aires.
  3. My worst habit is self deprecation.
  4. Growing up I felt discriminated by my sister due to my sexuality and although things got better, we never really had a good relationship.
  5. All my girl cousins tongue me when we were kids… Probably because I was the only boy in the family, and a good kisser too.
  6. The last time I wrote a letter on paper was 8 years ago when I broke up with one of the most amazing men on earth. The guy I thought I will get married to.
  7. When I was kid I heard few times my mom fighting with my dad over my sexual orientation (she was not cool back then) and they never knew I was listening…  
  8. I once won tickets at MusiquePlus (the equivalent of MuchMusic or MTV back in the 90’s)to see Garbage in the studio.
  9. My first lover was a writer and a well-known vocal coach in France.  
  10. My second lover was 34 years older than I.
  11. There’s nothing more unsexy to me than people who smoke.
  12. I get up at 5:30 Am every single day.
  13. When I was younger I used to be regular at strip clubs and clients mistaken me for one.
  14. I’ve never tried ice skating, I fear to fall and break my bones.
  15. The older I get, the younger the guys after me. Particularly tops.  
  16. I move better in the shadows than daylight.
  17. I’m not religious. I’m spiritual.
  18. 95% of the guys I’ve met on a first date become lovers. 
  19. I miss PatrickA whenever I’m awake past midnight and I feel alone… I know he’d be awake too.
  20. I no longer miss Hubby and it makes me blue ’cause he was that #6.
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