Reality Check Please!! Part 3

One of the guys that can’t accept I’m never fully single texted me several times today. Obviously he wanted my ass and every inch of me, but I told him I had someone doing that job and he got kind of pissed because apparently, he’s still waiting for me or something… BITCH PLEASE!

He was blah blah “Are you sure not free tonight”  blah blah “this is your last chance“…. HAHAHA WHAT??? PFFFFF…


Does it look like I’m desperate for ass or penis? Ok I’m going to sound cocky as fuck but these kids need to understand that if there’s someone in this city who gets ass and dick served on a silver platter THAT is me! #ThankYouVeryMuch

The problem is I am not like most of them and God almighty knows how much I wish I was a cheap slut like the rest in order to avoid feelings, emotions and all those things nobody wants these days.

Seriously…. Xavier told me today “I feel lucky”…. And he seriously should feel that way because despite the lineup of guys I have behind my door waiting for him to be gone, I am monogamous and faithful. Otherwise I’d have cheat on his ass LOOOONG ago.

Anyway, Ryu needs a little reality check!

Ps. You can read reality check Part 2 here. 

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