My Boredom Brings All the Boys To The Yard

I don’t know what the hell happened this weekend, I’ve been receiving messages from guys I haven’t heard in ages.

Either bitches sense I’ve been bored as hell without Xavier around the whole week, or winter is already working its magic on hookup hoes.

See, winter is long and it’s always nicer to keep warm with someone on top or under you. I’ve never spent a winter alone, and this one won’t be the exception. But, that’s not their case obviously…


What these people want from me? Oh yeah, my hideous body! What else?

Seriously, I hate so much when I get tons of messages from random humans while the only message I’m waiting for never happens. #JustMyLuck 

At least it’s entertaining to ask some of them “Who’s this?” and read their dumb reactions… Because they think they’re so memorable… when in fact nobody becomes especial when all you ask is “wanna fuck?”.

Anyway, blame my boredom for being a jerk. 

And blame winter for making pathetic people more pathetic!

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