Merry Assmas!


McDonald’s holiday McCafe cup wants to let you know that  you deserve a break today, and that break involves putting your mouth on a spread-open ass! #YAAAS

McDonald’s saw Starbucks’ dumb cup controversy and raised ’em some fuck-ready spread butt cheeks.

Starbucks’ cup non-scandal is a Venti who gives a fuck compared to what McDonald’s accidentally (uh huh) served up this holiday season.

McCafe’s new holiday kept went viral over the weekend after writer (and my favourite artiste of the moment) Sam Sykes tweeted a picture of it.


Some really thought that McDonald’ put its locked Grindr pics (aka a bent over, pasty spread-open ass) on their cup, but that was all the work of Sam Sykes who created that holiday assterpiece with a simple pen. 

After McDonald’s semi-goatse cup went everywhere, they farted up a statement explaining that the picture on their cup is two mittens. Oh booou! The original cup is a failure.

The McCafe cups should really look like the first picture because everyone deserves a warm ass these holidays!

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