Speaking Of Ass…

Xavier came last night to keep active mine …’cause it gets tighter and immaculate after a week of abandonment.

For some reason I always feel strange after a week of not seen him, I’m excited, yet anxious because I’m never sure what to expect, and I don’t know how to act. He still makes me nervous as ridiculous as it sounds.

So, he arrived from work and I was like: “I have something for you…” “What is it? Ar you pregnant? He said. “You’re not THAT good” I replied.

Yeah… A little fucking douchebag, but he’s mostly sweet. 

After his shower he joined me naked in bed to eat the piece of dessert I got him before eating the whole cake…


As usual, after not getting fucked for several days it kind of hurt me at first, but I handle it like a man, or like a pussy… whatever turns you on!

It was nice to have him over… and it was hard to see him go this morning.

I’m supposed to see again this week but I’m not sure about the day…

I no longer ask him too many questions ’cause I don’t want to give him pressure or get him in trouble. He knows I’m beyond glad whenever I see him and that’s all he needs to understand.

It was great to wake up together. 

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