I’m With Stupid

trumpmeetskanye-500x469Kanye Kardashian met with Trump.

The two have a lot in common: An incredibly gay fixation with regality which extends to their fake titted whore wives.

Those two represent pure narcissistic rage.

Referring to themselves in glorified terms which nobody else does. Now, apparently dyed hair. Trump is basically a rapper, just in the body of a sixty year old bitch.

It’s been assumed Kanye may perform at the inauguration because nobody else wants to do it, and since he’s an attention whore it makes total sense. But don’t put it past Trump to make him the Secretary of State and give him the nuclear codes…

Nothing would really come as a surprise at this point.

The fact that a mentally ill buffoon back on his meds had a meeting with the next dictator is beyond frightening.

The fact the secret service cleared a guy who was just put on a psych hold confirms they have an ongoing death pool with high ranking officials. Or perhaps just incredibly shitty taste in music.

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