tumblr_o694ynuilq1rsywcro1_500I had (still have) many days off this week and I’ve been doing nothing but sleeping. As awful as it sounds, I needed it.

I sleep 4 hours a day and my body was definitely asking me to rest. 

To be honest I hate to have many days off.

The only human contact I have it’s mostly at work (aside from my lover of the moment) and the rest of the time I’m pretty alone, so it gets depressing and somehow stressing when I have nothing to do, or no one to do me.

On top of that, I just texted with Xavier and I won’t be able to see him for several days ’cause his life is a lot more exciting than mine, so he’s really busy these days.


Maybe that’s good actually, so I can work on my fitness. Next time he sees me I’ll be in better shape. Also, Christmas is coming and I need to do some shopping I guess… 

Probably that will keep me a little distracted these days.

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