He Did Right, But Maybe Not

luke-moore1-large_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqqbymlwmnssykmyfvdyjgruhqvb2ufjw03qidnndmhgaAustralian student Luke Moore went to the bank one day and noticed an extra $2 million in his account. After some careful deliberation he decided against notifying the bank and bought an Aston Martin, a Maserati, and a speedboat.

He also did a bunch of cocaine and fucked several strippers. The cops eventually caught onto him and he was hit with a four year jail term, but this was just overturned because it was ruled he wasn’t hiding his behaviour from the bank. They just didn’t notice. 

Moore is now broke and living with his mom and had to return his cars and boat, however, they can never repossess his memories.

He says he doesn’t miss his lavish lifestyle, besides “The cocaine, the strippers and fast cars.” Who says money doesn’t buy happiness? He does say the two year experience gave him some perspective: 

“I’m happier this way as I’ve realized my family and friends are my biggest treasures.” 

You weren’t saying that when you had your balls deep inside a hooker.

Nonetheless, you’ve got to respect Moore. Even though he’s probably a selfish prick who didn’t even buy anything for his mom. He had a choice to make between doing the right thing and not, and he chose not.

Banks make those same type of decisions everyday. Is Moore a hero or just a total douchebag?

Probably a little of both. 

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