Roommate Proposal

Winter is here, students are on exams, and the weekend is coming… But apparently everyone needs a break to keep warm.

So, I got few messages today asking me out (Cesar,) and wanting to move in with me (Jay…) Hilarious! 

Jay is a guy I haven’t heard of in a year or so, in fact I didn’t know I still had his number. At first I wasn’t sure who was texting me, but after some questions I remembered him.

He asked me if I was looking for a roommate by any chance… Obviously my answer was negative even though some extra income could be great.

See, my flat is small and nobody would want to move in unless it’s my partner.

I explained to him about it and surprisingly (okay maybe not) he didn’t mind. He said he doesn’t care not having his own room and wouldn’t mind to sleep… in my bed… with me… because, of course!!!


This episode reminds me of this one…. During my relationship with Joseph, one of my ex fuckfriends asked me if he could move in with me and I actually considered it but never happened because I didn’t want to have more issues with Joseph.

Anyhow, this time I don’t have that issue and I won’t lie, I kind of like the idea of getting paid to sleep next to someone (’cause I hate to sleep alone…) Yeah sounds like a hooker’s job. 

Since nobody takes me seriously, maybe that’s my real call!

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