642 Things To Write About: Your First Fight

thumbnail_img_5097My first fight was with another kid at school… In fact I still remember his name (Alan.) I was about 10 year old. 

I was always a quiet, peaceful child and that jerk was always bullying me looking for trouble.

One day (as always happens) I had enough of his crap and I kicked the shit out of him.

I carried him like bag of potatoes and smashed him against the floor, punched and kicked left and right tired of his bullshit…he was bleeding… and then took him to the professors cafeteria (where they were having lunch,) threw him against the door and ran away when the door opened… I was shaking.

He never talked and I didn’t get punished.

From that moment, I never had an issue with him again, in fact we kind of become friends. I don’t know if he feared me or if he was embarrassed that a fragile-looking-kid like me kicked his ass.

And that was my only episode because as explosive as I can be, I avoid to get physical growing up for few reason:

  • I could enjoy being sadistic
  • I am vicious
  • I don’t know my own strength. 

In Spanish there’s a saying: “Si quieres ver a un hombre malo, haz enojar a un hombre bueno” which literally translates as: “If you want to see a bad man, make a good man angry.”

And that applies to me pretty well.

That’s why I do my best to keep zen… Even if few times that was not possible despite the fact that all I wanted was to have a balanced relationship (read link to understand).

Anyhow, that’s my little story.

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