Justin texted me last bight from a clinic in Vancouver, he was sick and he was all worried about it. He’s got an infection and it was in a very bad shape, apparently.

So, he went to see a doctor and started to freak out thinking of the worst possible scenario… He’s kind of my soulmate in the melodramatic area.

He mentioned HIV, which was a nice thing to say to a “hypochondriac” like me… JESUS WTF?!!


Justin is not a lost soul, he just another kid of this “NSA/fun” generation… generation that doesn’t care to use condoms in many cases, because you can totally trust a random person on a hookup app…

But I have no moral authority in the subject, I myself have played with fire several times. Although they were my stable partners, you never know if they’re cheating on you with other people, unprotected.

It’s always a major risk. Period! 

Anyhow, Justin HAS to be clean because that’s my desire and the Sex Gods are always on my side…


You guys, don’t fail me now!!

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