Like a mix between Her and the Black Mirror Christmas Special, the Gatebox is a creepy personal assistant that puts the emphasis on personal and doesn’t seem to do much assisting.

In a really slick video, you can see a fantasy play out of how this anime version of the Amazon Echo would improve your lonely existence.

As you can see, the device gives its users a friendly, animated face to interact with rather than just a cold, lifeless hockey-puck-like Echo.

The friendly face also has a short skirt and is ready to do your bidding. She texts you messages to “have fun at work” and begs you to “come home early.” When you let her know that you’re on the way, she excitedly says “yaaay” and wakes from her own isolated life in a glass tube to turn on the lights for you.

When the protagonist of the video (you, he’s supposed to be you) arrives home, an almost unbearably sad scene occurs. As he goes to sleep he is thankful, thankful that someone is home for him. “Feels great,” he says.

You know, I’m a loner myself but buying something like this will only increase my chances to become crazy.
I’d never begrudge someone the chance to indulge a harmless (?) fetish or use tech to feel a little bit less lonely. But this thing is pretty suspect and runs the risk of taking vulnerable people for a ride.
Pretty sad. I wanna hug that guy! 
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