Russian Reality TV Show GAME2 To Allow RAPE & MURDER

President-elect Donald Trump’s alleged favourite country will play host to a reality show that will allow for rape and murder. It will film in Siberia (near Sarah Palin’s house) and is a Hunger Games-type deal that will let the contestants RAPE and MURDER one another if they so choose.


Viewers will be able to donate gifts to their favourite participants! Oh, and I volunteer as tribute to leave this idiotic planet!

Producers say that anything goes, including rape and murder, although they warn people taking part that they’re still subject to the rule of law and can be arrested at any time.

“You must understand that the police will come and take you away. We are on the territory of Russia, and obey the laws of the Russian Federation.”

Yeah, that last part should give us all some comfort. At least there will be prosecution if contestants decide to RAPE and MURDER each other.


The 20 male and female participants taking part in Game2: Winter can carry knives but aren’t allowed guns.

The contestants will have to survive from 1 July 2017 until 1 April 2018 in temperatures which can fall to -40C (-40F)… That forecast sounds like Montreal, minus all the nonsense behind.

Seriously, the end must be near because civilisation has reached lower than below this time.

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