Why Are Guys Such A Pussies?

The Sex Gods really want me active and they sent me some options over the weekend. Few of them I don’t even have their names on my phone any long. However, none got me interested.

Why? Because they already failed me once and although I believe in second chances, my patience has a limit. Also, it seems like all these younger guys are a copy & paste of one another. 

They all lack assertiveness, personality, self-awareness and mostly BALLS!


Tyler… What surprises me about Tyler is the fact the he study law, but his choice of words always lack judgement.

I’m not saying I’m smarter than him (yes I am) but he’s not an attorney I would hired. 

The truth is, these guys cannot handle me verbally, mentally or sexually.

And so they get offended easily (the nerve!) when I tell them some truth. They tend to mistake me for their usual dumb-easy-fuck-cheap-slut, but the reality is they are NOT man enough for me.

Long story short, they can all go take a shower and try again!

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