Find My Phone

cover_image_58568a3c5d468__700Film student Anthony van der Meer had his iPhone stolen and the thought that a stranger had access to all of his personal data really concerned him.

What kind of person would steal a phone? Where do these phones end up? These were his biggest questions.

To get answers, Anthony had another phone stolen from him on purpose, but this time he followed the thief using a hidden app and made a captivating documentary film about the whole process.

Find my Phone was possible because of a spyware app called Cerberus.

Using it, van der Meer was able to remotely track and control his phone whenever it was turned on and connected to the internet.

Anthony listened to the thief’s calls, read his messages, took photos, and even recorded both audio and video.

The filmmaker then compressed everything into a thrilling 21 minute documentary movie which highlights how easy it is to spy on someone in the digital age.

How poetically ironic that he stole your personal information, and you learned more about him than he did about you?

This was pretty revealing, yet a bit creepy as well.

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