Honesty > Bullshit


You may think I’m just blah blah and bragging when I say I get messages on daily basis from guys with all type of intentions. But I am not!

Obviously, the majority are only looking carnal pleasure.

So when they say I need you, what they really mean is I need MY penis in your ass, or MY ass on your penis.

But that doesn’t really bother me, in fact I think is cute because I’m way more filthy and thousand times more perverted. 

When someone you have no feelings for says it, it’s kind of a compliment to me. But when someone you like does it, it’s a less fortunate feeling.

If what you want is sex a “I wanna fuck you” is a lot more honest, and way hotter. Because honesty is a virtue I admire, and integrity turns me on.

Even if your only purpose is to ejaculate.

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