thumbnail_fullsizerenderWhen the hope you once believed to have, now seems nothing more but fear. When you’re afraid of almost everything, cause you don’t want to get hurt again. I wonder… how long I will keep going before I lose all faith?

Sometimes, I just don’t see what it’s worth for anymore.

I wish I finally had a soulmate, someone who I could give me to. Someone who can keep my thoughts and feelings.

But every time I think I found someone suitable, I get disappointed, and more and more I feel like such thing is never going to happen ever again.

I love blogging for the fact I can get anything of my chest, in this surrealistic public, where I know there’re people like me.

I love to read personal blogs for all the wonderful people that share their thoughts, feelings and made me see we are very alike in many ways whatever our background is.

However, the urge of competition, and gaining more followers had lead many blogs I used to follow to become less personal and more commercial. Which is depressing ’cause they lose that charm and distinctiveness that made them unique.

Typing anything like this, straight out of my heart is liberating. And as this is just more for my personal well-being, it’s also a bit of a shout-out, for everybody out there.

Do not do things you think others will like you more for. Say, act, look like….

Individualism is what makes society wonderful.

And what our zombie society needs even more, today.

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