Here’s Justin asking me about Xavier, again… And me explaining again that I’m still committed to Xavier because even if I don’t see him much anymore, he’s still “my man” and I only need one.

Perhaps I’m making a mistake by refusing all the other guys, but unlike the rest, Xavier makes me feel safe which it’s  crucial for me.

The moment I won’t feel that way, or see no longer interest will be the moment I’ll go next.

And speaking of… I exchanged few messages with him tonight, ’cause my loneliness (and horniness) is killing me. 

See, sex with Bunny was 7/7. With Joseph about 4+/7. With PatrickA 3+/7.

*7 = 7 days of the week. 


With Xavier my whole world has changed.

Not only he’s my first top, he’s also the first guy who doesn’t sex me as often… and although sometimes I feel neglected, I also accept his reasons… As I embrace his qualities.

Those that made me commit to him.