snowdenKeep my catching up with movies, I watched Snowden last night…

Clearly, director Oliver Stone wanted to tell it like it was with Snowden, but unfortunately that has already been done better in the tense, minute-by-minute fly-on-the-wall epic documentary Citizenfour.

The cast was pretty good, Joseph Gordon-Levitt nails Snowden’s exterior and cool intelligence, but the film leaves its main character unsatisfying and opaque.

I get that Edward Snowden is a genius, and geniuses don’t usually exude passion or intense feelings (I’ve been with few,) I also get that Snowden’s story is well worth telling, but by forcing it to fit the template of a generic action-thriller it becomes predictable, rote, unreal and worst of all, BORING!

100% good intentions. 0% engaging. 

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