The Cat Rapper

hotslutofthedaycatrapper2016-500x614So many rappers rap about how much hot pussy they get, but rapper MSHO has them all beat, because he’s got hot pussy on his head, shoulder and in his arms.

MSHO became known as the “The Cat Rapper” after posting videos on Facebook and Instagram of him rapping about cats with his cats, including Ravioli (the ginger one), who is apparently the DJ Jazzy Jeff to his Fresh Prince.

And because he knew a lot of OUTRAGED people would come for him, he dropped this note:

“Before a lot of people start giving my dad a HARD TIME. He HAS TO GIVE ME A BATH. I’m a SPECIAL BREED OF CAT that requires it! ❤ please be nice. Happy CATURDAY EVERYONE!”

Okay, MSHO isn’t only The Cat Rapper, but he’s also a bona fide crazy cat dude, because he writes as his cat.

He’s a crazy cat lady’s dreamboat come true.


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