Happy Xmas Eve!

And so it begins! Busy day for me, not only I work today but I’m also visiting my family tonight to give away the presents I got them. I know Christmas is a family occasion but I’m not in any mood to see my sister at my parent’s… We had a fight a month ago and although we are diplomatic, our relationship is not the most fortunate at the moment. I kind of feel uncomfortable to see her and her husband’s face to be honest.

On the other hand, I got few random messages from Guillaume (it’s been a while) and Pierre (same shit) this week, apparently they don’t have much to do so they asked me if I was free this weekend…


Since the only person I’m keeping myself for is full of excuses, I may accept. I’m kind of tired to wait and wait like an idiot, only to keep waiting indefinitely and fade like a forgotten flower. Here I am, shower me!

Happy Xmas Eve everyone.

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