Swiss Army Man

swiss_army_man_posterI watched this film… I’m still confused about the way I feel.

See, I usually enjoy “bizarre” films, but from times I was bored and I had a hard time to connect even if the message was clear. But perhaps the message was not for me… after all, it’s what I practice on daily basis.

This film explores existentialism but in an absurd way. 

Despite the flaws, it has its charm, magic and it’s nostalgia.

It’s a depressing story mixed with some juvenile humour and laughs that make you feel like you’re 10 year old again. It’s a humble movie that touches the beauty of life, friendship, and love.

It’s not trying to be a complex story, it only tries to understand what makes us continue to move forward and live our lives.

Not quite as great as I wished it was, but solidly done.

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