large_arrival-poster-2016I just watched this film, because nothing says Xmas like Aliens! 

Arrival was nothing I could think of it, but in a very good way. It’s not the typical humans fighting aliens and winning, as if that’s even possible.

How can you attack an alien? You don’t know what they’re capable of, but you know for sure their technology is million years superior than ours.

This is not an action movie, but a cerebral one. It makes you think and I personally LOVED IT! 

I really enjoy this type of cerebral science fiction. I especially liked how the whole story feels like a puzzle, while the characters are also figuring out their puzzle too.

Amy Adams was wonderful in this. A very grounded and real performance. Probably her best. Same thing that can said about Jeremy Renner, which I personally find boring as an actor.

And what to say about Canadian/Quebecer/Montrealer director Denis Villeneuve… He is becoming one of the best directors in the business (excluding Sicario.) I loved Villeneuve the moment I watched Polytechnique.

This is one of those movies that ends, and you almost want to watch it all over again with your newfound perspective, but I think the movie was presented in such a way that you can literally look back along the whole experience and see how it all lines up.


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