Jesus Vs Santa

3ba1f75000000578-4066686-image-a-39_1482771712205In the aftermath of Christmas we’re left with only the memories… And a treasure trove of chicks dressed like slutty Mrs Clause on Instagram.

We all understand Halloween has become the excuse for women and gays to act out their sexy stripper fantasies, which is relatively harmless because Halloween is a pagan ritual and there aren’t many practising pagans… unless you’re a celebrity.

You don’t have to practice Christianity to celebrate Christmas. Yet, a modicum of respect for those actually paying tribute to Jesus’ birthday might be in order.

You wouldn’t celebrate Ramadan by wearing a veil and sticking a G-string in your ass. That would come off as exploitative.

It may seem appropriate to question what a fat grandpa who lives at the North Pole has to do with the birth of our Lord and Savior…. But nobody cares because people don’t even think. 

All that matters are presents and the slutty Santa outfit because Christmas is not Xmas unless you spread your ass cheeks for Jesus.

I’m sorry Jesus but..

Sincerely, society!

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