Speaking Of Spreading Your Ass Cheeks…


Yesterday my day was going smooth, decent and pretty virginal, until Xavier texted me and asked me if I wanted to see him. At first I didn’t like the idea ’cause that was not the original plan… but I said YES, because temptation was getting me… and I missed him.

Pierre and Guillaume are constantly texting me for the last few days, and although Pierre’s approach is less aggressive both have the same intention… So, I’m glad the Sex Gods sent Xavier back just in time, because celibate was driving me crazy and my tight virgin ass was in danger in an ocean of Red Flags full of sharks.

Seriously, I had a lot more pleasure when I was a top but curiously I don’t miss it… Since the moment Xavier inserted his fat penis and made a bottom of me, all the other guys after me are Tops like him… And all without exception owners of big cocks as well.

I used to be a magnet to bottoms, but it’s the opposite now.

Maybe is psychological?  After all I block my dominant instincts and even my erections when I know I’m going to get fucked… And OMG he pretty much used me and abused me last night.

I don’t know if he was happy to see me, or just extra horny as a good 18 yo man, but Xavier gave me my Xmas present wrapped in a magnum condom wishing me multiple orgasms. 

He fucked the hell out of me last night!

After the 2nd session we took a break and went to eat at some Chinese resto across the street… It was a daring move ’cause he’s one of those guys who doesn’t eat this or that (which is fucking frustrating,) but overall he enjoyed it. And I was happy he did ’cause there’s more in life than pizza and burgers.

Back at home he fucked me good night in a long session that almost felt as if he turned my boyhole into a vagina… It was vicious!

I lost my chastity, my purity…


This morning making breakfast I took a break to feed him myself ’cause younger guys always appreciate morning sex… And he’s probably not over with my tight ass ’cause we have more plans tonight.

Definitely, a holidays to remember! 

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    Good for you!

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