Parasite Hilton And Her Ex-Assistant Reunited!

parishiltonkimMany last-minute attention whore dreams came true for Kris Jenner this year, all thanks to her annual Khristmas party.

She got tons of attention by keeping that Blac Chyna creature off the guest list, Kim and Kanye Kardashian temporarily killed those divorce rumours by taking an awkward family picture together and now this little crusty nugget.

Paris Hilton went to Kris’ party and posed for a picture with her fame whore spin-off.

Kim is several faces removed from her days as Paris Hilton’s assistant, so naturally I assumed Paris might’ve been confused at first when Kim approached her for a picture. “I’m sorry, which one are you again? I don’t recognize your face.” But of course Paris knew who it was.

You know, in all honesty Kim was actually a pretty woman before all her cosmetic procedures and personality transplant. It’s just incredible how Paris looks A LOT better than her.

And that’s a lot to say because when Parasite Hilton is the one who ends up looking younger, fresher and less whorey than you… you have got to rethink every one of your life choices!

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