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thumbnail_fullsizerender-1Yesterday Xavier took me to the cinema, we watched Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The movie was good, although it didn’t excited me as the previous one… But since I’m a crying woman, it managed to get me a little emotional in one short nostalgic scene when characters from the past (or the future) made a cameo.

I didn’t know much about the cast, so it was a nice surprise to see some foreign stars in main roles, such as Mexican actor Diego Luna, or Chinese legend Donnie Yen and director/actor Jiang Wen… overall nicely done! 


After the film we thought to go eat but our resto of choice was closed, so we did groceries, got a Starbucks and a small box of KFC for Xavier to try cuz he never did, obviously he loved it… #JunkFoodLover

Once home we took a shower, I cooked (he complimented my chef skills) and after all done, he had me for dessert.

This morning, I was naked and defenceless so he tried to do me. However, I refused’ ’cause I promised my parents I’ll keep my virginity until marriage. He didn’t buy it, but I didn’t care.

My ass needs a rest before he take it on New Year again… because that’s the only way to receive the New Year.

We also went for breakfast to the hipster area of the city, and to a Sexshop around to get some fun stuff before taking separate ways.


In short, it was amazing to spend few days together. 

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