Good Vibes

Today at work I received a call from a customer.

It was French speaking lady thanking me for my service, but not only that… she kept me on the phone for about 15 minutes complimenting me, and telling me she sees a happy future for me.


I work in customer service, and I’ve been working on the field for a while.

Paradoxically as introverted as I am, I’m also good at dealing with humans, and that I knew when I was hired in the adult business… Part of my job was dealing with perverts over the phone, and by far I was the most appreciated employee… to the point of getting all sort of presents from total strangers for the quality of my work.

But the people I deal with nowadays are less horny, and the lady who called me this morning made my day with her remarks.

She randomly said that she could sens an artistic side in me, she said she had the impression I could be good in fashion… this may sound ridiculous, but I loved fashion when I was younger. In fact, back in the days I got approached by few photographers and an agency.

I listened to that woman in disbelief ’cause she never meet me.

How can she tell some much only by my voice?  What is this sorcery?!

When I told her I was inclined by fashion when I was a kid (but my parents discourage any artistic/creative career) she said “you can still do it… I have a good intuition.”  and ended up with “I feel good things will happen to you”

This lady made my day with her good vibes, but also motivate me in a good way.

Awesome way to start a new year!

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