Wishing you a great 2017 full of health, work opportunities and candy… and by candy I mean sex, because a real happy human is the one who never lacks good sex.

Sex keeps you mentally sane, sex prevents hate, sex will take you higher! 

So, I received the New Year with Xavier.

He’s been a doll this week. So attentive, so affectionate, so playful, so sexual, and so handsome.

We went to a club, but before he took me for supper. 

We went to A Mexican restaurant because many places where close. Also he’s difficult for food and Mexican is kind of a comfort food, same as Italian, so it was safe.

The food was actually good, but a little too spicy for me. Regardless, it was nice to try a new place.

Later we went to the club… the club was pretty meh! Nothing really special for the occasion but we danced and had as much fun as we could… We left relatively early because fucking is a lot more fun, and his balls were full and ready to milk me to prevent ageing and wrinkles.


Once at home, he obviously abused my virgin asshole. Luckily he only did it once ’cause we were both tired… However, he woke up rested and jumped on me. This time with the gadgets he got at the sex shop the other day. After be both released, we went to look for food… Most restaurants were closed, but we manged to find a small place and had breakfast over there. 


As I always said, Xavier can be the perfect man when he really wants. 

In short, I had a good end of the year. And a better beginning!

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