Human disaster Mariah Carey gave a really shitty performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, because when you think of rock ‘n’ roll you picture Mariah and her fake tits.

In many ways, Dick Clark is more alive than Mariah.

Cowriah refused to do a soundcheck and blah blah… Now the story is that her inner earpiece was not functioning and she couldn’t hear the music. That’s interesting, because everybody else could!

Yeah big dumb lie for someone with almost 30 years on a stage.

You can watch that mess here.

Truyl, I feel bad for the dancers. They worked hard and did their job… It sucks to have to do your best with someone who doesn’t give a shit!

Let’s get real here:

  • Mariah has zero respect for her fans. 
  • She’s beyond unprofessional.
  • She CANNOT sing live.

She used to be a great singer and is now just a raging drunk who can’t be bothered to ambulate or practice a simple pop tune. She’s embraced her insufferable one-percenter diva identity harder than her Spanx are compressing her internal organs.

Embarrassing, shameful, ridiculous, and pathetic. And that’s just her outfit.

Glad she ended her own career along with craptastic 2016.

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