Coming Home

poster-coming-homeI watched this film last night… mainly because GODDESS Gong Li is in it…. 2 things:

  1. GONG LI proves again she’s one of the greatest actresses in the world.
  2. Good film, but extremely sad.

The setting is China, during Mao Zedong’s “Cultural Revolution”.

Starting in 1966, and only really ending with Mao’s death in 1976, this was a nationwide effort to purge remnants of capitalism and even Chinese culture which ran contrary to Mao’s personal interpretation of communism. Party officials and local police publicly humiliated and harassed people, seized property, relocated many Chinese citizens, tortured some and arbitrarily imprisoned others.

One of those was a college professor named Lu Yanshi (Daoming Chen), whose time in Chinese labour camps kept him away from his wife, Feng Wanyu (Gong Li) and young daughter Dandan (Huiwen Zhang) for a total of 20 years.

Once released, he finally returns home only to find that his wife has amnesia and remembers little of her past…

All the performances are A+.

Huiwen Zhang is fantastic, Daoming Chen is perfection and Gong Li… Gong Li is simply out of this world! Internationally she’s known as the Meryl Streep of China, but Gong Li has something extra.

In other words she puts the EXTRA in Extraordinary.

Simply heartbreaking.

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