New Year, New Book

thumbnail_img_5967I bought this book recently. 

Lucien Bouchard is a French Canadian lawyer, diplomat, politician and former Minister of the Environment of the Canadian Federal Government. He was the founder of the Bloc Québécois, Leader of the Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons from 1993 to 1996, and the 27th Premier of Quebec from January 29, 1996, to March 8, 2001.

He became a central figure for the “Yes” side in the 1995 Quebec referendum.

In this book, Lucien Bouchard speaks directly to young people wishing to go into politics, as the title mentions, in the form of letters.

The former Prime Minister also seeks to enhance the image of the politician’s role with young people, who are sometimes somewhat disillusioned with the current political scene, and encourage them to go for it.

So far, that’s what I’m getting… 

I do like politics, it doesn’t mean I agree with Bouchard vision, but it’s always interesting to read about politicians.

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