Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

gri0ddxserr6b2sor1fglxlpslxCatching up with movies I missed on 2016, I watch this one…

I know this was not Harry Potter, the story in fact needed more essence, but it was entertaining, especially by the end. 

The beginning is a bit slow and kind of boring, but it gets interesting at some point. I guess the main character is difficult to connect with because of his “secretive/reserved” personality, so he doesn’t draw you in as a viewer.

Also, the Harry Potter universe does not belong in the United States… It didn’t feel right.

On the other hand the cast was pretty fine. 

Colin Farrell playing the bad guy cannot go wrong, same as Ezra Miller playing the freak, or Eddie Redmayne in his usual misfit.

To me the great surprise was Alison Sudol (a.k.a Fine Frenzy,) a talented American actress and singer… She was brilliant! So natural, believable and charismatic. 

Now, can someone explain to me what Johnny Depp was doing in this movie? Way to take the magic away!

In short, it was entertaining and visually stunning.

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