Spoiled Trash Being A Spoiled Trash

toddbieber2016-500x575Justin Bieber shouldn’t even be allowed to adopt any creature, but yet he keeps getting himself living and breathing toys that entertain him for a few seconds before he gets bored and tosses them off to someone else.

Usher’s grown up daugther (Bieber) abandoned his monkey in Germany, passed his pet hamster off to a random fan and gave a dog to his dad, who allegedly tossed the poor creature off of a balcony. And the Biebs earned another medal for committing a mean act of animal abandonment when he gave away his chow-chow puppy…. a chow-chow puppy who was born with a birth defect and needs surgery.

Back in August, the Biebs introduced his newest fluffy victim, Todd Bieber, on Instagram and seemed to be in love with the ball of adorableness. But because puppies do this weird, selfish thing called “growing into a dog,” the Biebs gave Todd to one of his dancers Cj Salvador.

Page Six says that the Biebs’ excuse for giving Todd away is that he didn’t have time to care for the puppy.

I know, once again, those selfish puppies keep needing things like food, off-camera attention, daily walks, visits with the vet and baths.

Who knew that puppies don’t solely survive on Instagram likes?

You know, as someone who considers fur babies family, shit like this really pisses me off.

Animals are LIVING, BREATHING beings with EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS. They aren’t something like a car that can be traded in or upgraded. They aren’t something that goes out of style like a piece of clothing.

Dammit people!

This sums up my feelings regarding Justin Bieber:


Because that’s what this fucking piece of trash deserves! 

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