The Smell Of The Past


I felt a lot better yesterday. I killed my cold in record time despite all the negative vibes Justin sent my way on Monday because he hates my ass and has no faith. #Boo So yeah, I’m Wolverine!


Since I woke up cured and feeling alive, I shopped for some products to clean and disinfect my flat… So, I saw this on special and I bought it.


My glass shower was in need of something effective and the product did a great job, however, the smell of the product gave me flashbacks…


I totally forgot I used to use that product some years ago… when I was in a relationship with a guy from Toronto… when he moved to Montreal for me… and blah blah.

As stupid as it sounds the first thing that came to my mind when I smelt the product was him.

That breakup was so bad for me that not only made fuck the pain away by sexing whoever wanted to do me, but it made move out, and replace everything I had or use in order to avoid whatever reminds me of him.

In this case a smell….  a daily smell of a clean washroom I shared with him.

It’s incredible how a song or a smell can remind you of things you no longer think of… which proves that those two have powerful effects on people with Alzheimer and amnesia.

Anyhow, the product smell fantastic and sex is great so, it’s all cool!

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