Speaking Of Trolls…

trumpapprentice2016-500x452Yesterday, Donald Trump finally addressed the one issue every American cares about: the ratings for The New Celebrity Apprentice!

Trump spent a piece of his morning trashing a reality show, which is a highly presidential task… 

The New Celebrity Apprentice, hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, premiered on January 2nd with a 1.3 rating in adults 18-49 and 4.9 million viewers. Deadline says those numbers are down 46% from the season 7 premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice, which was hosted by the future leader of the free (for now) world.

Arnold didn’t support Trump in the election, so of course, the insecure orange bitch had to drag him on Twitter.


Arnold responded to Trump’s chest puff with a few tweets:



Never in my lifetime could I have imagine one shitty actor who also was a freaking Governor makes 2000% more sense than the complete fuckboi that was elected President.

Seriously Trump, scrub and exfoliate your repulsive face, cut your ridiculous hair, use a less-elementary vocabulary, release your taxes, stop the denigrating tweets, realise Putin is not your friend, and most satisfying and desirable of all…


Die. Please!

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2 thoughts on “Speaking Of Trolls…

  1. thatssojacob says:

    As an American, I’m still in disbelief that such irrelevant bullshit is becoming the norm for “presidential” behavior. The Presidency is a position of dignity, an area in which Barack Obama excelled. Even Bill Clinton and George W. Bush knew that – despite not being graceful and dignified 100% of the time, they each had moments where they made good decisions on behalf of our country and the world, and for the most part, knew how to interact with foreign leaders. I haven’t seen one single second of dignity from this one, and if Justin Trudeau showed up in Washington with a baseball bat, well, I’d have second thoughts before putting myself in the line of fire. Also, his show was stupid to begin with, and I learned nothing by watching it.

    I actually just realized that I have to go to synagogue in the morning with my dad, and the Prayer for the Government is going to be real awkward (not all Jewish congregations do it, but mine does, and it’s going to be hard not to cringe).

    Hope you come visit my blog soon, my latest post is a review of a play all about Canada, I would love to hear your thoughts. xoxox

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