The Real Housewives Of ISIS

A BBC comedy skit show called Revolting created a spoof reality show series The Real Housewives of ISIS. It’s irreverent and sharp.

Therefore, being criticised by many as insensitive and offensive.

The show satires the manner in which young British women are drawn to ISIS online in chatrooms with the promise of feeling wanted and needed and desired. Which is exactly what’s happening… Hence the satire.

Also wistfully wishing your teen daughter would simply fall into drinking and unprotected sex.

The skit nails the Bravo Housewives banality and insipidness to perfection, including the dolt inspired score. … Only these ISIS wives are chained to bombed out kitchens and modelling suicide vests.

Something ludicrous, yet quite real to the experience of these lost chicks upon arriving in Syria to meet their new happening Islamic jihadist husbands.

What asinine critics can’t fathom is that the war against savagery is going to be fought with media and ideas, including satire and mocking.

Laws or armies could never stop stupid teen girls from hooking up with bad guys ever before. What occasionally works is a TV show that helps them realise how fucking stupid they are, in a less deadly kind of way. 

TV shows are a powerful thing in today’s hallow society.

Don’t forget some troll is the next American President.

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  1. r_hsw says:

    hilarious 🙂

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