U & I


Last night Xavier and I planned a little meal at home.

Since we usually are starving after sex, it was a great idea ’cause by the time we ejaculate everything is usually closed.

So, I got some ingredients to cook stuff I know he would eat… In other words, home-made comfort food!

We had appetiser (Two: guacamole and home made pizza,) main course (steak), dessert (Two: his penis and my ass).


Xavier did the guacamole under my supervision, and I was impressed by how he didn’t cut off his fingers because I had no idea he could manipulate a knife. See, his culinary knowledge is almost nonexistent, nor his cook abilities, so I was proud at the way he chopped shit not making a mess, but mainly at the result of his task. His guacamole was great! 

Although we barely drink, we had some Legendario (the best Cuban rum) which was a present from his dad… His parents are very cool and open minded… while my parents are more traditional.

His mom even buy him condoms… while mine buys me a Rosary… which is exactly why I’m very old-fashioned, reserved and pure.

So, last night, he destroyed my asshole and we destroyed my bed. And today we fucked good morning again. After shower we spent the morning walking around the city window shopping and eating.


Xavier is truly a great partner, but vacations are over…

I’m going to miss the quality time we had during these holidays.

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