Tilikum, the famous orca best known for his tragic life and the deaths of three individuals, has died in his inhumane prison at Orlando’s SeaWorld. He was approximately 33 years old.

Tilikum became a global unfortunate star with the epic documentary Blackfish. 

Known for his large size, Tilikum was KIDNAPPED from his mother off the coast of Iceland in 1983 and taken to a park in Canada before being sold to SeaWorld and moved to its Orlando location.


Tilikum as all the animals living in that fancy jail lived in constant stress, sadness and misery… because all those intelligent creatures are conscious and aware of what’s going on… which is LIFE PRISON!

Let’s make something clear, captivity is not about education as those criminals at SeaWorld want fragile-in-the-head-humans to believe, it’s about PROFIT!

Heartbreaking how this majestic animal never went back to the ocean.


The world has changed and people is more informed. It’s time to BAN for good all Seaquariums and Seaworlds around the world.

TILIKUM, you’re finally free!!

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