emmawatsonbeautyhsotd1-500x529Disney decided to fucked with Emma Watson by creating a Belle doll that made some people say, “That Beast doll is waaaaay too terrifying!”

Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast comes out in March and so Disney has started farting up merchandise including a line of dolls.

Doll collector William Herrington tells Buzzfeed that he was walking around the JCPenney at Mesa Mall in Grand Junction, CO  when his eyes landed on the soul-eating Emma Watson as Bell doll.

William posted the pics of JCP’s Belle doll on Flickr and they were quickly snatched up by the internet, who turned the doll into an overnight star.

This doll is scary and fugly af!  


it looks like Justin Bieber in a $2.99 polyester wig. 

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