Sleep, Fights & Fans

Sorry for the lack of udpates, I had a day off at work and I’ve been catching up with sleep. If you read my blog you probably know I barely sleep, which it’s unhealthy in all areas.

And speaking of unhealthy, I don’t know what the hell happened to Justin… Apparently he’s “offended” by the image I give of him on my blog.

In his own words:


But that’s not my intention, he knows it and everybody who read my shit knows it too because that’s not who I am. I adore my exes and I’d never say anything awful about them.

You know, I usually take his negativity with sense of humour but I don’t tolerate aggressiveness. It’s not me the one being nasty wishing the worst possible crap to him; it’s not me the one in his bed ruining his life.


Anyhow, I won’t even post the screen shots of his messages because they don’t show any of his qualities.

On a brighter side, the New Year keeps bringing the boys the yard…

Seriously, guys are so random! But more than random they’re incompetent at the art of seduction, which is why I never met them during the short period I was alone… So, they text me as if I remember them, especially those I never saved their numbers on my phone.

Hopefully 2017 will improve their skills.


It’s always cute receiving texts from horny humans. It’s a total compliment considering all these “fans” are a lot younger than I.  

And speaking of young people, I can’t wait for the weekend to see Xavier again. Which I have to say it’s one of the most confident guys I’ve ever had because he knows that despite all these other people, he’s my tangible present and the only one.

In short, I’m feeling energetic again after long hours of sleep.

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