Cool Questions 4 Cool People…

Not sure these questions are cool, but whatever. That’s how it was written online. 

1: If you were of the opposite gender, what name would you want to have? Iman.

2: If you could witness any historical event in person, which one would it be and why? The fall of the Berlin Wall because (it’s the closest event I can think of to my childhood) it marked the end of years of despair, of families, friends, and loved ones divided; and since I’m an emotional woman this kind of stuff brings joy to my heart. 

3: What kind of sandwich best describes your personality? According to Buzzfeed:


4: What is your opinion of Canada? The Greatest North American society.

5: What is your spirit animal? According to Buzzfeed: The Honey Badger.

6: What was the last movie you chose not to watch? The Hobbit.

7: If you were a farmer, what would you grow? A beard!

8: What do you miss the most? A less polluted, violent world.

9: What is your favourite sequel film? Harry Potter

10: Rural area, small town, suburb, or big city? Suburb.

11: What year of school was best for you? Can barely remember yesterday.

12: What is your favorite month, excluding whichever month contains your birthday? October

13: What is your favorite type of pie? Apple

14: Do you enjoy being single? Rarely.

15: Do you prefer rivers, lakes, or oceans? Oceans.

16: What is your favorite font? My mother’s calligraphy.

17: What is the highest number of cats you can imagine yourself owning? Zero.

18: What was your last date like? fukin hot!

19: Who are you? An alien.

20: What is your least favourite illicit substance? I don’t do substances.

21: What is your opinion on 80’s music? Timeless!

22: If you could add something to the high school curriculum, what would you add? HBIC (head bitch in charge)

23: What is your favourite album artwork? I have many but 2 of the same artist comes to mind: Post & Homogenic by Bjork


24: What is your favourite non-social networking website? YouTube

25: You are allowed one beverage and one candy for the rest of your life. What would you choose? Water. I don’t eat candy.

26: What is your favourite piece of clothing? Anything with a hood.

27: What brought you to WordPress? The need to write. 

28: What product or service do you find ridiculously overpriced? iPhones.

29: Who is your favourite one-hit wonder of the last twenty years? Alice Deejay.

30: How do you feel about dating exes? Anything that provides pleasure and satisfaction it’s cool with me.

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