This is ultimately how the world comes together. Kim Kardashian receiving a standing ovation from thousands of women in hijabs who paid a small fortune to see her get made-up on stage in Dubai.

It’s not high minded ideals that unite the human race, it’s base passions.

Men all want to fuck hot chicks, or, chicks, or whatever has a hole. Women on seven continents want to look like whatever it is that makes Kim Kardashian so damn popular.

The cynicism and raw thirst for cash behind these Kardashian events is about as relevant as how evil porn producers in the moment you’re getting off to YouPorn clips.

Every mammal wants to feel their genitals tingle.

Kim Kardashian could probably be mayor of Aleppo if there ever was a democratic vote and women were allowed out of their rape basements to cast a ballot. They no longer throw rocks at harlots after all.

This cum mixed cocktail of vapid vanity is the prophet … for just $1800. 

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